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H.O.F. Guidelines:


Eligibility Requirements

·      Graduate or served as a Player, Coach or member of the Team in some capacity.

·      5 year out of school requirement.

·      Must have represented the Gophers Lacrosse program well, both on and off the field.

·      Person can be voted into HOF, but cannot be officially inducted and receive award until present at Alumni Weekend. (If the inductee is unable to attend, a family member or friend may accept the award in his absence).

Nomination/Selection Process

·       Nominations solicited from all alumni via form on website.

·       Qualifications/Accomplishments must be submitted on form.

·       Unlimited number of nominations - Selection Committee will determine the most qualified nominees.

·       When HOF reaches 7 members, Selection Committee will be made up of these 7 Inductees and will grow from that point forward.  (Initially committee will include members of the Alumni Board and Volunteers)

Number of Inductees per Year

·      1 Inductee for the Inaugural year (2014).

·      2 Inductees the second year (2015).

·      3 Inductees the third year (2016).

·      After this, the number of Inductees will vary, but no more than 2 per year.

·      Selections can come from any of the eligible years, with no requirement on taking someone from each decade.

·       The best qualified should be inducted and not be determined by when they played.

·       Focus is on maintaining the exclusive nature of the honor.