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CHRIS JENKINS - Goaltender

1st U of M Lacrosse H.O.F. Inductee


“We all sit here better people because of you.”

Chris Jenkins’s lacrosse teammates crafted a eulogy which included the following: No matter how you knew him–Chris, Christopher, Jenks, or Schmenkins–he always left you feeling like you mattered. He had the ability to melt your insecurities away and make you feel welcome. His smile went from ear to ear and his blue eyes sparkled when he filled a room with laughter.


As the quintessential jokester, Chris was never afraid to be the butt of his own jokes. He wore a Spiderman costume made for a 12-year-old (backwards to boot–a mistake?) to our lacrosse banquet, used pillows as a chest protector when a thief stole his gear and he often wore his big goalie cup on the outside of his shorts. You never knew what he would do next! He saved the life of a cat named Marley, and did more good in his 21 years than most would do if they lived to 100.


Jenks exemplified all that is right in this world; he took the path less traveled. Quick to make you laugh, genuine even in jest, Jenks, we will celebrate the gifts you have given us most generously. It was an honor to have known you and a blessing to be your friend.


Chris’s legacy lives on in the lacrosse community: with his teammates, coaches, and in the sport he loved and played with great enthusiasm. Two-time team captain and team vice president, All-American on the field and Academic All-American in the classroom, Chris lived his life to the fullest. A senior honors student at the UMN Carlson School of Management and starting goalie for the UMN Men’s Lacrosse Team for three years, he was the reigning MVP Goalie in the Upper Midwest when his story ended as a victim of homicide in downtown Minneapolis on Oct. 31, 2002.


“Chris, thanks for sharing laughter below the stars and shining love from life beyond them. You will always be a cherished member of our family. We will do our best to share your message of hope with the world.”


Jan & Steve Jenkins, Sara Jenkins Lightner

For more info about Chris’s remarkable life, including a video and photo gallery, see: http://legacyofcourage.com/#/author-honoring-chris